Levels: B1 | B1+ | B2 | B2+ | C1

British English: ukicon

Published by: Pearson and York Press

Description: Preparing for exams prepares students for life! The 2nd edition of the Gold Experience series continues to provide the perfect balance between preparing for exams and building 21st century skills for the real world, now with an up-to-date content and a fresh design. The first course specifically designed for teens to include preparation for Cambridge C1 Advanced.
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What makes this course special?

  • Media-rich material engages and challenges teenagers, while the focus on 21st century skills promotes critical thinking, debate and creativity.
  • Authentic videos expose students to authentic language, authentic accents and real people, issues and broadcasting.
  • Newly introduced B2+ and C1 levels are specifically designed for teens and take them to advanced level.
  • Pearson English Portal for Teachers: a wealth of extra resources and digital tools to support lesson planning and in-class presentation.
  • Pearson English Portal for Students: interactive version of the Workbook activities with instant grading and personal gradebook
  • More practice opportunities available with the Pearson Mobile App

What's on the Pearson English Portal?

  • In-class Presentation Tool with ready-to-teach blended lessons
  • Classroom Audio and Video clips
  • Editable Grammar Presentations
  • Full Assessment Pack
  • Practice Homework Activities
  • Grammar and Exam file
  • Photocopiable Activities
  • Complete Teacher’s Book
  • ‘How to Teach’ Tutorial Videos
  • Audio and Video scripts
  • Answer Keys
  • Expanded Wordlist and Phonetics

List of components:

For Students

  • Student’s Book
  • Workbook
  • Companion
  • Online Practice on the Pearson English Portal
  • Mobile App

For Teachers

  • Teacher’s Book with Online Practice, Teacher’s Resources & Presentation Tool
  • Teacher’s Resource Book
  • Class Audio CDs

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