British English: ukicon

Published by: York Press and Pearson

Description:The adventure of learning English has just begun! New 3-level series for Juniors by Pearson and York Press with CLIL and Culture lessons. Pupils follow charming characters on a Quest throughout their book whilst listening to stories, singing songs, communicating and playing games along the way.

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What makes this course special?

  • Colourful, fresh and imaginative artwork is fully attuned to the needs of young learners.
  • Fun cartoon-style stories feature the main characters and encourage learners to enjoy reading English.
  • New vocabulary is clearly labelled and reinforced in lively chants and songs.
  • Target Grammar for the lesson is summarised in the Look! box and practised in a variety of activities.
  • Phonics are introduced gradually and there are a lot of opportunities for pupils to practise.
  • CLIL and Culture lessons relate the unit topic to cross-curricular content and to the wider world.
  • Full grammar explanations in Greek in the Grammar and Companion book help parents and children studying at home.
  • Test materials in the Teacher’s book include listening and speaking sections and help develop pupils’ language skills.
  • The fantastic Interactive Whiteboard Software and eBook include interactive activities from all components, games, animated stories, Picture Dictionary with audio and much more!

What's on the IWB Software?

  • The complete Pupil’s Book with interactive exercises and extra practice activities
  • Interactive versions of all activities from the Activity Book and Grammar and Companion
  • Enhanced grammar explanations with consolidation activities
  • Integrated audio for all listening tasks
  • Animated stories
  • Karaoke for all songs and chants
  • Phonics practice
  • Interactive games
  • Flashcards
  • Picture dictionary with integrated audio
  • Printable photocopiable worksheets
  • Digital versions of the course posters
  • List of components:

    For Pupils

    • Pupil’s Book with cut-outs + eBook
    • Activity Book with stickers
    • Grammar and Companion
    • Alphabet & Numbers Booklet – FREE
    • Homework Notebook – FREE
    • End-of-Year Certificate – FREE

    For Teachers

    • Teacher’s Book with tests + IWB software
    • Audio Class CDs
    • Extra photocopiables booklet
    • Flashcards & Phonics cards
    • Posters

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