Choose the most suitable materials for your class!

What to look out for in the new Pearson & York Press catalogue?

• York Phonics: teach young learners how to read using the latest teaching practices in phonics.

York Islands Gold: new course for Juniors, designed to work effectively in the Greek classroom.

Go Getter: NEW series for Senior classes with authentic BBC material and quirky grammar animations.

• Gold Experience (2nd edition): The first course specifically designed for teens to include preparation for Cambridge Advanced (CAE).

• Practice Tests Plus: NEW editions are 100% in line with current Cambridge exams requirements, including the 2020 exam.

• Longman Dictionaries: more than words.

• York Reading Adventures: traditional tales brought to life; available with Activity Book.

• Marvel Readers: NEW series of graded readers with Marvel Super Heroes.

York Phonics
Go Getter
Pearson English Readers